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      About Winemap Support and feedback Get Listed Contact us Log in

      for iPhone and iPad


      Ever been wine tasting and wondered "Where to next?" and "Who's still open?" Winemap for iPhone and iPad shows you nearby vineyards and when they're open so you can find your next stop without poring over maps and guides.

      With thousands of tasting rooms across the United States, and more added all the time, you'll find new places to explore and won't miss old favorites along the way.

      Download Winemap and take it with you next time you're wine tasting.


      • Information for thousands of vineyards and wineries in large and small regions throughout the United States
      • Interactive map shows which vineyards and wineries are currently open, and when they close or open next
      • Sort by distance, to find the closest regions and tasting rooms
      • Latitude and longitude coordinates more accurate than Google Maps

      Have feedback? Found a bug? Notice inaccuracies?

      I'd really appreciate your feedback. Report it here or within the app.

      There are a bunch of features planned, but I'd love to know what YOU want me to add next.

      Download now!

      $2.99 Now free!

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